Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Very Puppy Christmas

A Very Puppy Christmas...with Norton

Twas the night before Christmas and, as you can see,
the ornaments hang at the top of the tree.
The ones at the bottom ‘ol Norton destroyed
so we hung the rest high--a vet bill to avoid.

The gifts are piled safely locked up in his crate
away from his jaws and so as not to be “ate.”
“Guilty as charged” he was put in his place
but we just can’t get mad at that heavenly face.

Puppies are cute (which is why he’s still here)
to join in a holiday filled with good cheer!
We’ll keep him and love and when he grows up

maybe we’ll remind him what he did as a pup!

Merry Christmas!!
Marianne, Bob, Stanley and Norton

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